Artificial Intelligence That Cuts Podcasts
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Artificial Intelligence That Cuts Podcasts

Find out which are the best AIs for cuts on the market!

If you're thinking of starting to produce content for platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, you've probably wondered how the pages manage to cut videos and post them so quickly. In fact, it's not the people who run the pages who make the cuts, but an artificial intelligence that makes podcast cuts. 

So that you don't get left behind when it comes to posting videos on these platforms, we've decided to put together a list of the best artificial intelligence apps that make podcast cuts. The buttons for downloading the apps will be available throughout the article. Before we go into the list, however, we need to talk about the basics of artificial intelligence.  

Artificial intelligence fundamentals

As stated by the European Union parliament, artificial intelligence is defined as the ability of a machine to emulate human-like capabilities, including reasoning, learning, planning and creativity. Therefore, not all applications and tools with a certain level of automation can be called artificial intelligence. 

AIs have become popular in recent years largely due to the ChatGPT launch at the end of 2022. It was neither the first nor the most impressive artificial intelligence ever released, but Chat (as it is often called) popularized this type of technology worldwide, which eventually led to more AIs being created and more possibilities being explored. It is in this context that the first applications with artificial intelligence to make podcast cuts on the market appear on our list. 

Opus Clip

OpusClip app

The first app on our list has an extremely complex AI that not only cuts automatically, but also highlights the most important parts. This feature helps boost the viralization capacity of the cuts because it makes them more dynamic. If you're looking for an AI to make podcast cuts, but don't know much about the algorithm of your platform of choice, perhaps Opus Clip is perfect for you. 

In addition, the application also adjusts the framing and proportions of the video automatically so that nothing important from the original video is left off the screen when it is cut. The artificial intelligence that makes podcast cuts is free, but this version is limited. The premium version is available from R$45.87 per month and offers video without a watermark, posting of cuts directly from the app and 150 minutes of processed video per month. You can use the tool via their website without having to download it.

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Eklipse.GG application

Our next artificial intelligence that makes podcast cuts is for you who make your podcasts live on Twitch and want to boost the popularity of your content through cuts on other social networks. By linking Eklipse.GG to your account on the live platform, it can make cuts with a simple voice command. After the live, you can log in to the app, App Store and Play Store, edit the cut and immediately upload the result wherever you want. 

Although it's a great AI for cutting videos for free, Eklipse.GG has a premium version that makes the content creator's job easier. This version allows you to export cuts in 1080p, delete the watermark from your videos, render multiple clips at the same time, and make up to 600 minutes of cuts with YouTube video. This version is available from R$101.88 per month.  

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Kapwing app

Kapwing is ideal if you want all the convenience of an editor with various AI tools, but don't want the cutting to be completely automated. With this artificial intelligence that makes podcast cuts, you can edit your videos in the conventional way, through your editor and/or use artificial intelligence to make editing faster, for example, when adding subtitles or removing all moments of silence from the video.  

The application is free and can be used from any browser. The app has three premium versions adapted to your needs. The Pro version of this artificial intelligence that makes podcast cuts is for small groups and original content creators who want to boost their platforms. It starts at R$81.55 per month and allows users to create content without a watermark, create videos of up to 120 minutes, translate up to 300 minutes per month and create 4K quality cuts.

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ACCESS KAPWING application

If you want maximum automation with your artificial intelligence podcast cutter, could be perfect for you. Not only does it recognize the main engagement points of the original video when making the cuts, it can also be configured to upload the cuts automatically to the platform of your choice. 

The artificial intelligence that makes podcast cuts also allows you to create a cutting template and repeat this template automatically in all future videos created by the platform. It's free and available online via your browser. The application has two paid versions: Pro and Premium. The difference between the basic version and the pro version is: longer cuts, more cuts per video and more minutes of cuts per month. This version costs R$178.39 per month. 

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So, did you like our list? What do you think is the best artificial intelligence for Podcast cuts? Let us know in the comments! Remember, the best application will depend on what you're looking for, so none of the names on this list is necessarily better than the other. 

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