How to Get Fragments in Blox Fruits
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How to get Fragments in Blox Fruits

Discover the best ways to get shards!

Everyone who plays the pirate game has wondered at least once what the best ways are to get fragments in Blox Fruits.

These shards act as a secondary currency in the game, and are needed to awaken certain fruits, change your race and obtain powerful items.

In this article we'll talk about the best ways to get these extremely valuable items, so if you want to boost your Blox Fruits account, come with us!

Defeating bosses

Raid Boss Cake Princess

One of the most popular ways to get fragments in Blox Fruits is through boss battles, also known as boss battles. Each of the following bosses provides 1,500 fragments, with the exception of the Cake Princess who drops 1,000. 

The names of the bosses are: Darkbeard, Blackbeard, Indra and Cake Princess. To get the items, you need to deal at least 10% damage to the target and finish the fight before the allotted time runs out. In practice, assuming the boss has 1,000 hit points, you'll need to take at least 100 to get the 1,500 fragments, if your team manages to finish the fight in time. 

Defeat Sea Beasts

Sea Monsters

Another way to get fragments in Blox Fruits is by finding and defeating Sea Beasts, also known as Sea Beasts. Finding these NPCs is the easiest part, as they can appear in both Sea 2 and Sea 3 at random. In Sea 3 they can also emerge during the Rumbling Waters event and in the middle of the fight against the Tide Keeper boss. 

Because they are easier to defeat than the bosses, this is a consistent method of getting fragments in Blox Fruits. However, it's important to bear in mind that they drop far fewer fragments than the bosses. The beasts found in Sea 2 provide 250 units once defeated, while those in Sea 3, although stronger, drop 150. 

Beating other players

Clash between players at Blox Fruits

This method is more difficult than the previous two, as it involves not only finding specific players but also defeating them, which can turn out to be quite a challenge. The players who drop the shards are those with the Youtuber title. They get this title because they have a YouTube channel where they produce content about Blox Fruits.  

This method is not recommended if you are not very strong in the game, as many of these YouTubers are extremely strong and will be very difficult to defeat. In addition, finding them on your server is a challenge in itself, as it's rare to find people with these titles. However, if you manage to find and defeat one of these players, you'll earn 2,500 shards. 

Ship Raids 

Ship Raids

Ship Raids are another extremely reliable method of getting shards in Blox Fruits, because not only are they relatively easy to complete, they are a common event and drop a good amount of shards. 

To find this event, just get on your boat and walk around or stand in the middle of the sea. Eventually, three boats will attack you. This is the Ship Raid. The two small boats, once defeated, give you 50 fragments each, while the big one gives you 100. Once you've finished the battle, just carry on wandering with your boat and you'll find another raid in no time. 

Random surprises

Haunted Castle

The last method of getting fragments in Blox Fruits is through "Random Surprises". To get this item, which has a probability of dropping fragments, you need to go to Sea 3 and find the Haunted Castle. Inside this castle you will find the NPC called "Death King" who, for 50 Bones, sells you a Random Surprise.

This is a good way to get shards in Blox Fruits if you don't want to spend hours defeating bosses or hunting Sea Beasts and, coincidentally, have a lot of Bones stored in your inventory. Each Random Surprise can drop anywhere between 100-300 shards.   

And those were our 5 tips on how to get shards in Blox Fruits. What did you think of each one? Which do you think is most worthwhile? Leave your opinion here in the comments. Want to continue reading about Roblox? Then check out our article on the new Blox Fruits codes. Now, if you want to know more ways on how to get shards, take a look at this video below. 

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