How to tell if your iPhone is original: step by step!
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How to tell if your iPhone is original: Step by step!

Check out these tips and find out if your mobile device is original!

If you have any doubts about how to tell if an iPhone is original, this post will answer them. Nowadays, searching for used iPhones has become a common practice, driven by the ease of finding online ads from resellers offering devices at attractive prices. However, behind the promise of a more affordable investment lurk potential pitfalls that can result in fraud.

The growing demand for these high-quality devices has also increased the incidence of counterfeit or adulterated products, requiring consumers to take specific precautions during the purchasing process. Against this backdrop, this article sets out to be a comprehensive guide, offering a detailed step-by-step guide for consumers to ensure the authenticity of their used iPhones.

Are you ready to unlock all the secrets that will guarantee the legitimacy of your Apple device? Check out all the precautionary information below on how to tell if your iPhone is original.

1. Check your iPhone's IMEI

How to tell if your iPhone is original: Step by step!
iPhone IMEI

Identifying the authenticity of an iPhone can be crucial when purchasing a used device, and the serial number and IMEI provide a foolproof check. By accessing the settings and following the path to "General" and then "About", you will find the 12-character serial number. By entering this code on a dedicated Apple website, you can confirm that the device is original, including checking whether it is still under warranty. The IMEI, also available in this menu, acts as a unique identity for the phone, used to block it in cases of loss or theft, and is an excellent tool for finding out if your iPhone is original.

2. Look at the Details of your device

The refined finish is an Apple trademark, distinguishing the original iPhones. While counterfeit devices may vary in weight and visual details, authentic ones boast impeccable construction, with sides of glazed aluminum or gleaming stainless steel and on the back, glossy or frosted glass being a key factor in how to tell if the iPhone is original.

In addition, some fake cell phones may weigh more or less than their original version. The sides around the screen are also usually thicker in replicas of dubious origin, which can be easily seen when comparing them with an original device.

3. Check if 'Hey Siri' works

How to tell if your iPhone is original: Step by step!
What's up Siri

Another distinguishing point is the operating system: genuine iPhones run iOS, not Android. The presence of the App Store instead of the Play Store is a clear sign, as is the automatic recognition by iTunes when connecting the device to the computer. Details such as the absence of FM radio and digital TV on the original iPhone and the presence of Siri as a virtual assistant, unchanged even when deactivated, are elements that help confirm the authenticity of the device. 

By exploring these criteria, we ensure that the reader is armed with the necessary information to avoid possible fraud and make confident purchases. To make sure that your Siri is working perfectly, simply go to your device: "settings" > "general" > "siri and search". It's worth mentioning that Siri can be deactivated, but never removed from the device and is a trademark of how to tell if your iPhone is original.

4. Testing FaceID

Face ID verification is an effective method of authenticating the originality of an iPhone, especially the latest models. This biometric system, widely adopted by users, works by recognizing the owner's face. This functionality is configured during the initial setup process of the iOS operating system, as soon as the smartphone is activated for the first time.

Although designed to recognize only one face, the user has the option of including an alternative visual representation. This flexibility allows the face of a family member or spouse to be registered, providing authorized access to third parties without the need to divulge the numeric code. Thus, the presence of Face ID not only highlights the authenticity of the iPhone, but also demonstrates the adaptability of the device to meet the individual needs of users and also a big factor in how to tell if the iPhone is original.

5. Checking Camera Quality

How to tell if your iPhone is original: Step by step!
Camera quality

Evaluating the quality of the camera is a crucial point when distinguishing the authenticity of an iPhone. Apple stands out in the technology market as a manufacturer that prioritizes high-quality lenses, enriching the photographic set with a variety of features. The disparity in quality between a genuine product and an imitation becomes clear when analyzing the results of the photographs taken.

In addition, it's important to note that different generations of iPhones have specific camera features. For example, models like the iPhone SE and iPhone XR only have one rear sensor, while the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 have two lenses. Advanced devices such as the iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro offer triple sets, providing a more robust photographic experience. These nuances in camera configuration highlight how to tell if the iPhone is original and the authenticity of the iPhone and serve as reliable indicators when evaluating the photographic quality of the device.

How can you tell if your iPhone has been stolen?

The security of your investment in a used iPhone goes beyond the authenticity of the device. An additional concern is to check whether the device has been reported stolen or lost. Before finalizing any transaction, it is crucial to ask the seller for information about the iPhone's lock status. You can do this by checking the IMEI on Apple's official website or on other verification platforms. If the device is associated with reports of theft, this may result in restrictions on use, making it essential to clarify this issue before completing the purchase.

By paying attention to these details, you not only guarantee the authenticity of the iPhone, but also preserve the integrity of the transaction, avoiding possible future complications related to the possession of a device reported stolen. Taking care of these additional aspects is essential for a smooth and safe shopping experience. And that's a bit about how to tell if your iPhone is original, we've covered some crucial issues to answer all your questions and the precautions you need to take.

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