Application that turns photos into PDFs
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Application that turns photos into PDFs

Find out which are the best ways to make this conversion!

If you've ever had to send a document by email, which is very likely, you know how useful it is to have the option present in practically all the major applications, Word, Excel, Docs, Photoshop, to convert a file to PDF. However, you may also have come across a situation where you needed an application that turns a photo into a PDF. 

An app like this is extremely useful when you have a paper document and need to digitize it, but have no way of scanning it. It was with situations like this in mind that we decided to bring you this list so that you can choose the best app that turns photos into PDFs! The buttons for downloading the apps will be available throughout the article. But before we go on with the list, it's important to talk about the best way to choose an app that turns photos into PDFs! 

How to choose an application that turns photos into PDFs

There are several different criteria you can use when choosing the right app for you. First of all, it's important to keep in mind what you need the app to do, for example, if you just need your photo converted into a PDF, which all the apps on this list do, or if you also need to edit it, share it directly from the app, etc. 

Once you have everything in mind that you need the app to do, your choice will be much easier. If you find two apps that do everything you're looking for, choose the free one or the one with superior quality (simple interface, conversion speed, high-quality PDF, etc.). Now that you know how to choose your photo-to-PDF app, we can move on to the list!


LightPDF application

Our first app that turns photos into PDFs is known for being extremely accessible and is available in versions for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. O LightPDF not only allows you to convert your photos, but also lets you edit the document with other users while it's in the cloud.

In addition, the application for making PDFs on your cell phone offers various tools for editing PDFs, such as: compression, management, merging PDFs, the possibility of adding watermarks and signatures, among other things. LightPDF is not free, but it has a 3-day trial period that allows users to use all the site's features. The full version can be purchased for R$69.00 per month.  

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ToPDF application

With ToPDF you can convert anything to PDF and convert this type of file to any other type of document you want. As well as being free, this site can be accessed from anywhere and is supported by ads, so there is no paid version. 

As well as being a conversion tool, the application that turns photos into PDFs also has compression tools, a combiner (to merge two PDFs into one) and a PDF cutter. Using the converter is easy: just go to the site, click on "convert" and choose the type of document you want to turn into a PDF. 

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Photo PDF Converter

Photo PDF Converter application

Our third app is ideal for iPhone users who not only want to convert their photos into PDFs, but also want to have control over the layout of the photos in the document. What's more, the app is compatible with the main cloud storage systems such as iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox and others. 

You can customize your PDF either manually or using premade layouts. The application that turns photos into PDFs is not free, but, like LightPDF, it offers a 3-day trial period. The unlimited version of the app is available from R$34.00 per month.   

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ILovePDF app

ILovePDF is one of the most popular and longest-running applications on our list. The site is easy to use and, as well as allowing you to turn your photos into PDFs, it has all the features you would expect from a file editor. You can also use it to transform other file types into PDFs, such as Word, HTML, Excel, PowerPoint and so on. 

Our fourth application that converts photos into PDFs is one of the most complete free versions, but it also has a paid version for those who need to use the tool professionally. From R$11.00 per month you can convert files up to 4 GB (the limit in the free version is 100mb), you will no longer see ads while using the application and tools such as converting PDF files to Excel will be available.  

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CamScanner App

CamScanner APP

Last but not least, we have another app that turns photos into PDFs for those people who need a quick and easy converter at their fingertips. The CamScanner App is available for iOS and Android and allows users to make changes to photos before turning them into PDFs. 

The app is free, but has a premium version available from R$16.90 per month. The free version, however, has all the most important and indispensable features for an app that turns photos into PDFs, so if you're not going to use this app professionally, there's no need to buy the premium version. The premium version offers: 500 Excel conversions per month, digital subscription, HD resolution, over 10GB of cloud storage space and many other features.

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Bonus Tips

Before you start using the photo-to-PDF app of your choice, it's good to keep a few tips in mind so that you can get the best possible quality out of your files. It's also important to remember that some apps do certain things better than others, so if you're looking to do something specific, choose the app that's right for you. 

It's important to always use the best possible images when converting to PDF, so always try to take well-lit and well-framed photos. Also, in order to achieve the best possible image, choose to use cameras if possible. 


Did you like our list? What do you think is the best app for turning photos into PDFs? Let us know in the comments below! If you want to continue reading about apps, take a look at our article on the 7 best apps for PDFs. best apps to change your face in photos! Now, if you want to know more about the app that turns photos into PDFs, watch this video below. 

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