How to Make Money in The Sims 4 (No Codes)
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How to Make Money in The Sims 4 (No Codes)

Learn about the best strategies and ways to make money in The Sims 4!

Here's how to make money in The Sims 4. The Sims 4 is more than just a game: it's a virtual world where imagination and creativity have no limits. However, there is one universal desire that resonates with all players: financial freedom within this simulated universe. Who wouldn't want to own a luxurious home, stylish clothes and give their Sims the best experiences the game has to offer?

In this article, we'll explore this journey in search of virtual wealth. We'll abandon the idea of cheat codes and focus on legitimate and engaging strategies for enriching your Sims' lives. If you've ever wondered how to accumulate Simoleons, the game's currency, in an efficient and satisfying way, you're in the right place. 

Get ready to discover the best ways to achieve financial independence in The Sims 4, without shortcuts, but with lots of fun and challenge. It's time to turn your Sims' virtual dreams into reality and experience the thrill of building fortunes in the simulated world. Let's get started!

How to make money in The Sims 4 in-game

How to Make Money in The Sims 4 (No Codes)
The Sims 4

You'll see ways of earning money in The Sims 4 that are not only fun and dynamic, but can also increase your skills in hobbies, professions or even in a romantic relationship.

Jobs and careers:

One of the main ways of earning money in The Sims 4 is through employment. Choosing the right career and progressing in it can yield a substantial salary. Make sure your Sims develop the necessary skills to move up in their chosen career, as this often results in promotions and, consequently, salary increases. 

Profitable Skills and Hobbies:

How to Make Money in The Sims 4 (No Codes)

Another way to earn money in the sims 4 is through your hobbies and skills. Encourage your Sims to master valuable skills such as painting, writing, cooking, programming and music. 

Once they reach a high level in these skills, they can earn money by selling works of art, writing books, cooking gourmet dishes, developing apps or even playing instruments in public places. These hobbies can become considerable sources of income over time.

Investment in property: 

Sims can also invest in real estate to generate passive income. Buy empty lots or houses to renovate and then rent them out to other Sims. The more value you add to the property, the higher the rent you can charge. In addition, acquiring the Gang Leader trait can increase profits even more, as your Sims become more charismatic and able to charge higher rents.

Collection of Valuable Items and Relics

How to Make Money in The Sims 4 (No Codes)
Rare items

Exploring the world in search of hidden treasures such as fossils, precious metals and crystals can be an exciting way to earn money. Sims can sell them or use them in unique creations, such as jewelry or collecting machines. In addition, the "Journey to Fame" expansion allows your Sims to earn a fortune by collecting and displaying collectibles in their home.

Earn from gardening

Turning your backyard into a productive garden can be a constant source of income. Planting fruit, vegetables and flowers takes some time and dedication, but the profits can be significant.

As your plants grow, you can harvest and sell the produce at the market or at a local stall. In addition, the gardening skill allows your Sims to grow rare and valuable plants that can be sold for a considerable sum.

Scientific Research

How to Make Money in The Sims 4 (No Codes)
Scientific Research

A career as a scientist offers a unique approach to earning money, involving carrying out experiments and creating inventions. Sims can sell their creations and discoveries to earn extra simoleons. Make sure you invest time in honing your scientific skills to maximize profits and unlock new research opportunities.

Flea markets and e-commerce

With the game expansions, Sims now have the opportunity to explore flea markets and sell their valuable finds. You can buy items at low prices and sell them at higher prices for a profit. In addition, the e-commerce skill allows your Sims to sell home-made products, such as crafts, furniture and clothes, in online stores, providing a source of passive income.

Inheritance and Wills

When older Sims pass on, they leave behind an inheritance for their heirs. You can use this income to enrich your future generations. In addition, exploring the system of wills and post-death benefits can result in a substantial injection of cash into the family.

Earn through Marriage

How to Make Money in The Sims 4 (No Codes)

An effective and quick strategy for earning money in The Sims 4 is the institution of marriage. When you unite with another Sim, you automatically merge the financial resources of both, strengthening the economic base of your virtual family. If, by chance, you manage to seduce a wealthy Sim, even better! 

Not only will you have access to your new spouse's savings, but you will also be adding an additional person to the household who can seek employment and contribute significantly to the family's income.

Marriage is not only a commitment to love, but also a smart move to accelerate the journey towards financial prosperity in the simulated world of The Sims 4.

Strategies on how to make money in the sims 4

These strategies give a comprehensive overview of how to make money in The Sims 4 without resorting to cheat codes. With dedication, honed skills and some strategic planning, your Sims can live the life of their dreams in the virtual world and accumulate the wealth needed to make all their desires a reality. Enjoy the journey to virtual prosperity!

The choice will depend on each player's style of play and aspirations, but the diversity of options ensures that everyone can find a satisfying way to accumulate Simoleons and bring your Sims' virtual dreams to life.

And this was a bit about strategies on how to earn money in The Sims 4, so that there is no cheating or threat to your account in the game. Read also How to Unlock Cell Phone with Password: Step By Step!

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