Meet Palworld's 5 Most Powerful Pals!
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Meet the 5 Most Powerful Pals in Palworld!

Find out who are the 5 best Pals to have in combat!

If you've been playing Palworld for a while, you may have noticed that the number of pals in the game is quite large, with 137 different little monsters that you can obtain. All of them are unique, so some are better for working in your base while others are better for combat. If you're looking for the 5 most powerful pals in Palworld to add to your team and become unstoppable, you've come to the right place!

There are many ways to determine a Pal's strength, attack status, skills and element being the main ones. In this text, we'll list the Pals in ascending order of combat strength, so we won't take into account passive and unique abilities that are related to work and resource gathering. Want to know who the 5 most powerful Pals in Palworld are right away? then follow the list.  


In fifth place on our list of the 5 most powerful Pals in Palworld is Necromus, a shadow-type Pal who has the highest base attack in the game! If we were listing the most intimidating Pals in the game, this one would probably come first. Necromus is a mix of centaur and medieval knight who seems to be looking for a fight at all times. The combination of red, black and gray in his design favors his intimidating aura. 

Necromus is in fifth place due to his element. Shadow-type pals are weak against dragon-type pals, which are common when you get further into the game. To capture it, you need to go to the northernmost corner of the map, on the right. There you'll find a level 50 Necromus, so make sure you take a dragon friend with you. 


Next on our list is an earth-type Pal, Anubis. His clear reference to the Egyptian god of the same name has also secured his place on the list of the 5 most powerful Pals in Palworld. Anubis only appears in one place in Palworld, in the desert region right in the center of the map, more specifically in the areas around the statue with the same design as the Pal. Remember to bring grass Pals to make your fight easier. 

Despite having all his stats above 100 and his two attack attributes at 130, what really sets this friend apart are his skills, more specifically his companion skill and his passive skill, which interact with each other. His companion skill adds the earth element to the player's attacks, and also allows Pal to quickly dodge attacks using a side-step. His passive increases the damage of earth attacks by 20%, so the player's attacks increase by the same percentage. 


We can't talk about the 5 most powerful Pals in Palworld without mentioning Blazamut, a gigantic and frightening Pal who stands at one end of the game map. This friend's design is extremely unique, volcanic stones with lava in his hands, glowing horns, an all-red body and a gray mane. So it's hard to look at him and not think he'll cause an eruption wherever he is.

To match its monster characteristics, Pal has the highest melee damage in the game, reaching 150. While riding Blazamut, fire element attacks are strengthened. In addition, its passive ability increases the damage caused by fire-type attacks by 20%. The fire type also helps make this Pal one of the strongest in the game, as this element alone is super effective against two others, grass and ice. 

Jormuntide and Jormuntide Ignis

In second place on the list of the 5 most powerful Pals in Palworld are two variations of the same monster, Jormuntide and Jormuntide Ignis. This duo of opposing elements is extremely powerful and useful in combat. Jormuntide, for example, can be mounted and, while mounted, its breath is not consumed. This can be very useful in close combat or in water. 

The two are located in different places. Jormuntide can be found in two lakes, the first located at coordinates -176, -268 and the second at coordinates 351, -85, near a giant skeleton partially submerged in the water. Jormuntide Ignis, on the other hand, can only be found in No. 2 Wildlife Sanctuary, a rocky island west of the Forgotten Isles and north of Mount Obsidian. When trying to capture the water-type Pal take electric-type Pals and to capture Ignis take water-type Pals.


Leading the list of the 5 most powerful Pals in Palworld is possibly the Pal most desired by all players, Jetragon. As a legendary Pal, he is one of the only ones in the entire game to have two passive abilities, which alone would make him one of the best friends in the entire game. His first passive skill increases his attack and defense by 20% and his movement speed by 15%, while his second increases the damage caused by dragon-type attacks by 20%.

You can find and capture Jetragon in Mount Obsidian at coordinates -790, -320. Remember to bring ice-type Pals to weaken him. But what really sets Jetragon apart from the other 5 most powerful Pals in Palworld is his partner ability, which allows the player to mount him and continuously fire missile launchers from his back. This not only makes him the most efficient Pal when it comes to defeating Pals who are in a group, it also makes him one of the most fun friends to use.


Did you enjoy discovering the 5 most powerful pals in Palworld? Which one is your favorite? Let us know what you think in the comments! Want to keep reading about video games? Then take a look at our list of the world's heaviest games. Want to know more about the strongest Pals in Palworld? Then watch the video below. 

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