How to Find and Catch Mozzarine in Palworld!
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How to Find and Capture Mozzarina in Palworld!

Find out how to get this Pal!

Before I begin the step-by-step guide on how to capture Mozzarina in Palworld, we need to talk about this game that was launched less than three months ago, but is already one of the most striking games of recent years. Its popularity is largely due to its gameplay, which combines mechanics from games such as Pokémon, Minecraft and even Stardew Valley.

However, the real secret ingredient to this success was the pals and their various roles. While some are better for combat, others have unique characteristics that make them great workers. The game also has an aptitude system, making certain pals better at doing specific tasks. In this article, we'll teach you how to find and capture mozzarina in palworld, one of the most necessary monsters to progress in the game!

Where can you find Mozzarina in Palworld? 

Before we talk about where to find it, we should explain why you should capture this pal. As you may already know, Mozzarina is not a strong combat pal, something you can already tell just by looking at her, so why should you capture Mozzarina in Palworld? Mozzarina is a unique pal, because she drops milk when she's at the ranch.

Milk is a very useful item, as it can be used to produce various other items, such as cake, which is necessary for the reproduction of pals and also serves to keep your little friends sane. What's more, if you want to capture all the pals in the game, like a true poke master... you'll have to capture it eventually.

Finding the Mozzarina is no problem, as its habitat is quite large and doesn't change at night. This also gives the player several different ways of catching it, as we'll talk about later. You can find it in the Swordsman's Domain, to the left of the center of the map.

The exact coordinates of the spawn locations are: (-63, -424), (-64, -241), (-163, -384). When you arrive at the indicated location, it won't be long before you find a group of these Pal moving around. If by chance you can't find it after a while of searching, go to another region and come back after a day in the game, using fast travel.

How to capture Mozzarina in Palworld

There are two strategies for capturing MozzarineThe choice between the two will depend on the player, but in the end both will work if done correctly. In the first, the player waits until nightfall to get close to the little monster. Then throw your capture sphere at it without it knowing, which will increase your chances of capturing it.

The second strategy involves using dark-type pals, such as Daedream and Hoocrates, two pals that can be found easily at the start of the game. This is indicated because Mozzarina is a neutral type, which is weak against dark types, so it will be easy to weaken her before trying to capture her.

Like the previous strategy, this will also increase your chances of capture. But beware if the one you find is in a group, if you attack one of them, the others will run away, which could make it difficult for you to capture it if the pal accidentally dies. So, did you manage to learn how to find and capture mozzarines in Palworld?

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